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Deloitte wins 2013 SAP Pinnacle Award - CPA Practice Advisor

The 2013 SAP Pinnacle award in the category "Quality Award Partner of the Year" went to Big 4 accounting firm Deloitte. The award was given in recognition of the firm's strong partnership with SAP.

SAP's Pinnacle awards are presented annually to the top partners that have excelled in developing and growing their collaboration with SAP and driving customer success. Finalists and winners in 19 categories were based on field recommendations, customer feedback, and performance indicators in the following four categories: co-innovation, market expansion, service delivery, and sustainability.

"We're thrilled to be recognized as the SAP partner providing virtually unparalleled quality for our clients," said Jerry Hoberman, deputy global SAP practice leader and director, Deloitte Consulting LLP. "This award underscores our commitment to delivering implementations of solutions that generate business value for our clients."

The SAP Pinnacle awards showcase SAP's commitment to its partner ecosystem strategy, which delivers unmatched value to customers and enables SAP to reach its business goals. Award winners will be formally recognized at SAPPHIRE® NOW, SAP's international customer conference held in Orlando, Fla., May 14–16, 2013.

"We congratulate Deloitte on its well-deserved receipt of the 2013 SAP Pinnacle Quality Award and for its outstanding partnership with SAP," said Eric Duffaut, corporate officer and president, Global Ecosystem and Channels, SAP.

"SAP is an innovative and fast-growth company. We put customer success at the center of everything we do. Our vibrant and expanding ecosystem of partners is critical to the company we are now and the company we want to become in the future. Together with our partners—who are co-innovating with us, reselling, and implementing our solutions—we offer choice and deliver transformational value to our joint customers of all sizes. Partners like Deloitte are our force multipliers, and today, more than ever, they are essential to our customers' success."

As a recipient of a 2013 SAP Pinnacle award, Deloitte has been invited to participate in the SAP Leadership Forum at SAPPHIRE NOW. The SAP Leadership Forum will bring together an exclusive group of executives from SAP's top customers, prospects, and partner organizations, providing an opportunity to network and exchange business ideas.

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